How to get pets and equip them in Among us

Is there a way to get them for free?

How to get pets and equip them in Among Us

Image via Steam

Among Us is all about betraying your friends as long as you are the Impostor. One thing you can’t betray in Innersloth’s social deduction game, though, is your pets. You can get little buddies to follow you around in-game if you have one, and you can equip different pets if you have two or more. If you are interested in finding out how to get pets in Among Us, we’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately, the only way to get pets in Among Us is to buy them from the in-game store. You can’t get pets for free — whether that’s through rewards or by hacking — so you will have to stump real world cash to get them.

There are currently five pet bundles in Among Us that you can purchase, and each one costs $2.99. Each bundle comes with two pets, though, so you can chop and change them as you see fit. The five bundles are:

  • Bedcrab pet bundle – Squiq and Bedcrab
  • Brainslug pet bundle – Brainslug and UFO
  • Hamster pet bundle – Hamster and Dog
  • Mini Crewmate pet bundle – Mini Crewmate and Robot
  • Stickman pet bundle – Henry and Ellie

In order to equip a pet in Among Us, you will need to be in a game lobby. Once the game has booted up, you can search for a match lobby to join or create a private one for you and your friends.

Once you are in the spaceship lobby, and you are waiting for your friends to ready up, you can head to a computer in the left corner of the room. Interact with it to bring up the customise menu. You can select your pet from here, and equip one if you want to.