How to get pets in Lost Ark

How cute is your pumpkin man?

Image via Smilegate RPG

A unique feature in Lost Ark that excites its players are its pets. Pets are hardly unique to any popular games; Diablo 3 has a handful of friendly, demonic loot goblins and beasts. Similarly, Final Fantasy XIV offers dozens of adorable and fantastical mounts and adventuring buddies.

Lost Ark gives its players a range of 64 different helpful and cute pets to pick from, and that number increases with each month. But how does one get themselves a little friend for their questing?

Where are pets?

The majority of pets in Lost Ark can be purchased in the game’s personal shop. With different events and updated packs, the game offers new pets regularly. They do cost real money, though; not just in-game currency. For example, all of the recent Founder’s Packs — something beta players can buy to give them special cosmetics and items — come with limited edition Founder’s pets.

However, if you don’t want to open your wallet for an in-game pet, there is a level 50 guide quest that gives you one free pet egg. That’s the only free option though, so anyone dedicated to having their favorite pup or bunny from Lost Ark’s selection has to spend some money. Otherwise, players might want to try to unlock some of the game’s 127 mounts to satisfy their desire for unique companions.

Why does everyone want a pet?

If you’re wondering why Lost Ark fans get so excited about pets, it’s because they contribute quite a few benefits to the players. While adventuring, they will collect items and trophies, offer extra inventory space, and boost character traits and stats. It depends on the pet what kind of buffs you can get, but know that purple pets will offer better options than blue ones.

Some examples of Lost Ark’s fun pet options include pumpkinhead men, walking eggs, squishy cows, and even pirate parrots. The game has already done some Halloween-based pets for fall, so it’ll be no surprise if they continue the tradition with Christmas or New Year.