How to get pets in Minecraft Dungeon

Pets are available in Minecraft Dungeon.

You can have a variety of different enchantments and bonuses using unique gear and weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Some of them grant you the ability to summon lightning bolts when you hit enemies or heal you after you damage. While these are helpful, sometimes you need a little extra damage, and pets are an excellent way to do this from a distance away.

You can have pets in Minecraft Dungeon, but they do not follow your command. You can receive them from the specific armor you are wearing or by using special artifacts. The Spelunker Armor, for example, gives you access to a pet bat. The pet bat follows you around the game, flying near you, and goes out of its way to attack any nearby enemies. It won’t do a bunch of damage, but it hits enemies enough times to help fight large mobs.

The artifacts are another rare drop that gives you the ability to summon pets. One you may find frequently is the tasty bone, which summons a wolf to your side. The wolf acts similarly to the bat, where it goes out of its way to attack any nearby enemies.

Both of these pet types have a health bar above their head. If their health drops to zero, you have to resummon them. For the wolf, when you use the tasty bone artifact, you need to click the artifact again. You may have to wait for it to come back after its cooldown. When it does, the wolf returns to your side, ready to aid you again in combat.

Be on the lookout for additional items that grant you pets. Unfortunately, there’s not pet skill in the game, so you won’t be able to actively have a pet following your character unless you use one of these items. Make sure to read the stats and information page of everything you pick up.