How to get pets in Torchlight III

Helpful companions are not difficult to find.

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Torchlight III allows players to engage in a dungeon crawling experience where they can test themselves against various challenges using different classes. During your adventures, you will not be alone. You can bring a pet with you in the game, and you can find yourself using them throughout your journey. They’re exceptionally helpful, and you have the chance to unlock more.

When you start your journey with any class in Torchlight III, you will pick three different pets: an Owl, an Alpaca, and a Retriever. Each of these pets will battle alongside you during your journey, and they all have three color pallets to choose from. You can even pick out their name.

After you pick your initial companion to join you in the game, you can unlock even more as you progress through Torchlight III. You will need to battle against powerful bosses in the game to rescue them and unlock them. Because Torchlight III initially became available to everyone during an early access period, you can see even more pets in the game following regular updates from the developers.

More pets may even unlock following TorchlightIII‘s initial launch through DLC and unique expansions. These useful companions will not only fight alongside you but also carry your items and return them back to town to sell on your behalf.