How to get Pink Moonflower Seeds in Nier Replicant

Doctor Greenthumb.

Image via Gamepur

For the Life in the Sands side quest in Nier Replicant, players will need to get their hands on ten Pink Moonflower Seeds. This is much easier said than done, as the seeds cannot be purchased, or even found.

Players who want Pink Moonflower Seeds will need to get stuck into some gardening and produce them the old-fashioned way. Before getting started on this cross-breeding program, there are a couple of steps that players should take.

It’s a good idea to have access to the extended garden, and this can be done in two different ways. Players can choose to finish the “A Return to Shopping” quest, or they can purchase the Cultivator’s Handbook from the Village Florist. The quest method can only be done if players are still in the first part of the game.

Once you have access to the increased garden space, it’s time to plant some Gold and Blue Moonflowers. They should be planted in an alternating pattern, beginning with Gold, then Blue, then back to Gold. After planting all 15 plants, players should then use Bounty Fertilizer as this will increase the likelihood of rare drops from the resultant crossbred plants.

Finally, ensure you water the plants. After two days, players will be able to harvest the plant, and the easiest way to track this is just by pushing the story forward, you can also alter the system clock if you wish, just make sure the system is offline when you do that.

By harvest the plants, players should get some Indigo seeds, and can now plant them in alternating patterns with Red seeds. After another two days, these new plants should yield some Pink Moonflowers, as long as players once again use Bounty Fertilizer. These Pink Moonflowers should then provide enough seeds to finish the quest.