How to Get Polarized Fractaline in Destiny 2


A new season in Destiny 2 means there’s a new range of currency Guardians need to acquire. In Season of Dawn, players need to start earning Polarized Fractaline to use it in the game.

You need them when you interact at Obelisks in the game. After you activate an Obelisk, you gain access to the Timelost Weapon bounties. Finishing these bounties rewards you legendary weapons, initially lost to the far reaches of time. You receive different ones based on the Obelisk you’re interacting with at the moment. The Timelost bounties need 10 Polarized Fracatline resources and 3,000 Glimmer.

You have a variety of different methods to grab these resources and add them to your inventory.

  • Completing quests in Season of Dawn
  • Accomplishing Triumphs
  • Running the Sundial

You can acquire a good chunk of Polarized Fractaline by running through the Sundial over and over again. You will face several challenges in the Sundial, and the order of these challenges change up every time you enter the challenge.

The Polarized Fractaline resource is different from the Major Fractaline Harvest resource you need to use on the Obelisks to level up their resonance level.