How to get poultry in New World

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Image via Amazon Game Studios

For those looking for specific resources that you can use at crafting stations or at a campfire in New World, you’ll be hunting down various animals and materials you need to complete a recipe. If you’re looking for poultry, you’re only going to find one animal in New World drops this particular meat.

The only way to acquire poultry is to defeat turkeys. These animals are all over the many territories in New World, and they’re the only source of poultry. Thankfully, you won’t have too many complications finding this animal wandering around the world because of how frequently they spawn. You may even casually encounter them while completing a mission near a settlement.

A turkey also drops feathers, another helpful resource you can use to craft arrows. However, while you can find feathers inside a turkey’s nest, you won’t find a spawn of poultry. If you’re having trouble attempting to find turkeys, you can try leveling up your Tracking & Skinning character skill to reach level 25. At level 25, you’ll be able to track small prey within a short distance to you. You see how far away the animal is by using your compass at the top of the screen.

Whenever you’re ready to cook poultry, you can bring it to a campfire you set down or to the kitchen in a settlement you’re visiting.