How to get Powder Snow in Minecraft

Let it snow.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs updates have added a ton of new features to areas of the game that you will spend a large majority of your game traversing. It doesn’t matter where you go in your world, there is always an underground cave below you, and there are plenty of mountainous areas and ravines with long, steep cliffs. On the cliffside of things, Mojang went as far as to add a whole new type of snow. Here is how to find Powder Snow in Minecraft.

While Powder Snow is set to randomly generate on mountains and snowy slopes when Caves and Cliffs Part Two comes out, it does not naturally develop on its own in worlds as of Caves and Cliffs Part One. That being said, there is still a method to obtain it in a Survival world (it is also available in Creative by finding the Powder Snow Bucket item).

First, make a Cauldron and an Empty Bucket, then find a Snow Biome. Then, wait for it to begin snowing and place your Cauldron anywhere outdoors. After a few moments, you will notice the Cauldron starting to fill with snow. When it is filled, take your Empty Bucket and interact with the snow in the Cauldron to get a Powder Snow Bucket. You can now place a block of Powder Snow anywhere you want.

Powder Snow blocks can be used to stop yourself from taking damage when falling from great heights. However, unless you are wearing Leather Boots, you cannot walk on top of these blocks and sink into the snow and get slowed down when you are in it. Don’t spend much time in this snow, though, if you play in a Survival world. After seven seconds, you begin to freeze and take damage from the effect.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to prevent yourself from freezing inside Powder Snow is to wear Leather Armor.