How to Get Presents From Your Buddy in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go players can collect gifts from their buddies several times a day if they are low on items! Here is how to do it.

Pokemon Go Buddy Gift

Image via Niantic

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Pokemon Go is all about taking the Trainer journey into your own hands, striking out into the vast world to meet and catch companions of all shapes, sizes, and generations. Over the years, the mobile app has introduced plenty of features, including helpful Pokemon Buddies that bring gifts.

The Buddy system in Pokemon Go is a great way to add depth to a game that would otherwise feel a bit empty of purpose for the many caught species filling up the in-game Pokedex. Players can select a special favorite from their storage, and with a few snacks to fill its belly, it will pop out and join them on the GPS map. But these critters aren’t just here to offer moral support. They can also bring gifts to their trainer that provide essential items for gameplay.

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When Do Buddies Bring Presents in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Trainer Buddy
Screenshot via Gamepur

A Pokemon Go Buddy will bring players presents after reaching the Great Buddy level with it’s Trainer. When a present is available, a little green bundle icon will appear next to the buddy icon at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Players will need to click on this icon, and hit “play”. The Buddy Pokemon will then appear in AR mode and the present can be clicked on and claimed.

What Is Inside Buddy Presents in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Buddy presents include essential items like Poke Balls, healing items, berries, and stickers. However, after becoming an Ultra Level Buddy, it is also possible to obtain Souvenirs.

All of these items are a huge boost for Pokemon Go players and can be the difference between success and failure, so be sure to reach at least Great Level with your traveling companion before striking out to Community Day events or Gym Challenges.