How to get Psitanium fast in Psychonauts 2

Do a Scrooge McDuck dive into your rocks filled with psychic energy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Psitanium is the currency used in Psychonauts 2 that will be used to purchase pins to customize your psychic powers and consumables that will save your life, like Psi-pops and Dream Fluffs. You can also buy upgrades for Raz to carry up to 5,000 Psitanium at one time. If you are looking to fill your wallet and buy out the Otto Matic Shop, here is how to get Psitanium fast in Psychonauts 2.

While Psitanium is pretty rare in the minds you jump into in Psychonauts 2, it is everywhere in the hub worlds of the Motherlobe, Quarry, Questionable Area, and Green Needle Gulch. Walk around and interact with the shining purple spots on the ground to dig up Psitanium. Also, destroy objects around you for them to drop the rocks as well. If you have upgraded Pyrokinesis to have a larger radius, you can quickly break a bunch of objects simultaneously.

While you can quickly fill up your beginning wallet by doing the above, you are going to need help when you upgrade to the 1,000 and 5,000 capacity wallets to fill them. For this, we recommend purchasing two pins when you can and a third one for even more buying capacity.

First is the Psimultanium pin. Unfortunately, you will need to be at least tank 52 to equip this pin, and it costs 750 Psitanium, but it doubles the amount of Psitanium that drops around you. If you are looking to get everything in the game, rank up and equip this as soon as possible to gather up to about 50-100 Psitanium in each dig spot.

The second pin we recommend is Mental Tax. This will give each stray thought you connect to with Mental Connection a chance to provide you with Psitanium. The best part about this pin is that using the same connection points will get you more currency. Equip this pin in the Collective Conscious, and you can continuously go around the circle of stray thoughts in front of the level doors to get a bunch of Psitanium.

Finally, to make sure you can purchase more at the Otto Matic Shop, get the  VIP Discount Pin. This will decrease the cost of everything in the shop so you can quickly upgrade your inventories and buy more pins and consumables in one go.