How to get Radianite Points in Valorant

Rack up those points.

Valorant Agents

Image via Riot Games

Radianite Points in Valorant are a form of in-game currency. Some players may confuse the term of “Radiant” with Radianite points. The term Radiant is associated with the different agents in the game, whereas the Radianite Points are a currency you need to use in the game for cosmetics.

You can acquire Radianite Points in multiple ways. The most efficient way is to complete contracts for your agents through the competitive game’s battle pass. These points go to your account and you can use them for cosmetic items. It takes a bit of time to level up the battle pass, but it should give you quite a bit as you work through it. If you want more, you can always purchase additional Radianite Points from the in-store game using real-world money.

The cosmetics include weapon skins, and you can use Radianite Points to upgrade them. The upgrades include additional animations, visual effects, and additional things that vary from the default settings you see with other Radiant agents in the game. None of the purchases in the game change the gameplay. They are purely cosmetic.

You receive the first level of the skin is unlocked once you have it on your account. After that, you level it up to a maximum of level four. Each level of the weapon becomes progressive better with higher quality animations and better effects.

For those who initially purchased Radianite Points during Valorant‘s beta, everything is being refreshed. It means all of the cosmetics and things everyone purchased or upgraded will go back to zero. However, if you bought the in-game currency, you will receive all of them again when the game releases June 2, plus an additional 20 percent back.

A new battle pass will be available for players once Valorant releases to everyone following June 2. You will have more ways to receive Radianite Points, and you can choose to purchase the in-game currency real-world money when you discover a particular cosmetic that connects with you.