How to get Rathian Spike in Monster Hunter Rise

Watch the tail.

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The Rathian in Monster Hunter Rise is not a simple foe. Battling against it means you need to not only avoid its deadly sweeps from its wings but make sure to dodge its venomous tail. You’ll want to bring plenty of antidotes with you to ensure you withstand this beast’s constant assaults. A notable resource you want to try and acquire when tackling a Rathian is a Rathian Spike, but they only drop in specific ways.

The Rathian Spike drops on Rathian low rank and high rank hunts. This creature appears in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and the Lava Caverns.

If you’re trying to get a Rathian Spike to drop off a Rathian, there are four ways to obtain this resource. It drops as a target reward, as a broken part reward, as a carving, and as a dropped material. Of the four choices, the broken part reward and carving are the best method, but there’s a catch.

For the broken part reward, you want to aim for the Rathian’s back. You’ll have to try and break the armor on that side of the creature to receive a reward, so you’ll want to try and hit it in this area while it’s knocked down, or if you can angle your attacks while the Rathian’s back is turned. The Rathian Spike has a 70% chance to drop as a broken part reward when you break its back armor.

When it comes to the carving reward, it’s not only when you defeat a Rathian. It also goes for when you cut off the creature’s tail, which has a much better chance of having a Rathian Spike drop. You can cut off the tail by aiming for the Rathian’s exposed rear and severing it. When you carve the tail, there’s a 40% chance of a Rathian Spike being in that drop, and the body when you defeat a Rathian has a 5% chance to drop a Rathian Spike.

Your best chance to obtain the spike is to aim for a Rathian’s back. If you break the armor on its back, and the spike doesn’t drop, you’ll have to try to cut off its tail.