How to get red cabbage in Stardew Valley

Red cabbage is a worthwhile plant to have in your garden in Stardew Valley. Here’s how you get it and add it to your farm.

The different seasons in Stardew Valley provide a variety of unique plants and vegetables to show up on your farm all year long. A vegetable you need to remain patient about is red cabbage. It’s a great addition to your farm and provides a reasonable price on the market, but planting it can only happen during a specific time of the year.

Locating Red Cabbage

If you’re on the hunt for the red cabbage, you don’t have to go too far to locate it. The most accessible place to find it is at Pierre’s General Store, and you can pick some up for 100 gold pieces during the summer. You can also pick it up from the Traveling Cart at varying prices that range from 150 gold pieces or the absurd option of closer to 1,000. The final location you can find it is at the Night Market, which only shows up during Winter 16.

Now, the critical thing to note is that red cabbage does not become available until your second year. You won’t see it at any of these locations until you reach the second year of your Stardew Valley game, so don’t waste your time looking around before that. 

Selling and Using Red Cabbage

When you plant red cabbage, it takes nine days to grow to their mature size. You can see the plant’s progress over several days. After it’s ready, you can sell it for 260 gold pieces for every mature red cabbage, but the silver star sells for 325, and a gold star for 390. Alternatively, you can use it to make coleslaw (it also needs vinegar and mayonnaise), fish tacos (it also needs tuna, a tortilla, and mayonnaise), or a red plate (it also requires a radish). You can also put it into the Sewing Machine to create a tank top you can dye.

Red cabbage is a great crop to keep around, and creating a greenhouse makes available to you all year round. You can acquire a greenhouse by repairing one through the Pantry Bundles at the Community Center or buy one from the Joja Community Projects for the price of 35,000 gold pieces. It’s a time investment to have created or a money sinkhole, but it makes select crops available for you at any time of the year. That’s an important transaction.