How to get Red Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin love to snack on red nectar.

Pikmin Bloom

Image via Niantic

There are several unique colors of Nectar that you can get in Pikmin Bloom. The type of Nectar you use to feed your Pikmin determines the color of the flower that grows on their head, which rewards you with those same colored petals. So if you’re looking to obtain red flowers, you’re going to need Red Nectar. Here’s what you need to know about getting Red Nectar in Pikmin Bloom.

Red Nectar comes from red-colored fruit, such as apples. Your Pikmin have the chance to bring you fruit every so often while you’re walking around. It’s a random chance for it to occur, with your companions offering the fruit up to you. If you can’t click on the fruit while you’re walking, use the whistle to bring them together to make it easier to grab the fruit. You’ll then be able to toss the Red Nectar to your Pikmin and have them grow red flowers.

Alternatively, you can walk around the flower buds that you see in your neighborhood and have them grow. To do this, you’ll need to walk around them while you’re planting flowers, specifically the red ones. When the flower blooms and blossoms, it will drop a good amount of Red Nectar on the ground, providing you a good amount of Nectar to feed to your Pikmin.