How to get RELL coins fast in Roblox Shindo Life

Get that cash money.

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One of the currencies used in Roblox Shindo Life is RELL coins. RELL coins can be used to purchase various items from the RELL Coin Shop, such as accessories, new outfits to wear, and combat arts. The RELL coins can be used to buy characters for Shindo Life’s Shindo Storm mode, an arena mode where players go up against each other in teams or individually. They are also used to buy Spins, which can get you items. With how useful this currency can be, here are the fastest ways to get RELL coins in Shindo Life.

Playing Conquest, Arena X, or Arena X Competitive

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Located in the Game Modes menu, when you start up the game, you’ll find a variety of different modes to choose from. If you’re trying to get RELL coins as fast as possible, you’ll want to play either Conquest, Arena X, or Arena X Competitive. How much you get awarded depends on how much damage you do to the enemy. So, you’d want to make sure you’re actively in fights so you can reap as many RELL coins as possible. Conquest can take a very long time, so if you’re looking to get in and out of matches, we recommend just doing Arena X.

Purchasing the x2 RELLcoin Gamepass

The x2 RELLcoin gamepass is 450 Robux and can be found on Shindo Life’s game page in the store section. By purchasing it, you’ll be gaining double the amount of RELL coins from the game.