How To Get Revolite In Warframe


Revolite is a resource added to Warframe in the Empyrean update. You use it to power your Omni tool, which you use to repair your ship. When your ship sustains a hull breach, or a fire breaks out, you need Revolite in your Omni tool to fix the problem.

You can’t pick up Revolite. You make it using Pustrels and Cubic Diodes. You find both of these while playing Railjack missions, from the wreckage of enemy ships, asteroids, and canister floating in space.

To create the Revolite, you need to visit the Forging Bay in the back of the ship or the panel that allows you to customize your Railjack in the Dry Dock. In the forge, you can use five Pustrels and five Cubic Diodes to creat 50 Revolite. Each Forge has a cooldown of three minutes, and there are four Forges in total.

You can reduce the Forge cooldown, or increase your yield of Revolite, by putting Intrinsic points into the Engineering skill tree. At Rank 4, you receive a 25 percent yield increase from the Forge, and the same growth at Rank 7, and a further 10 percent increase at Rank 9. These increments allow you to create much more Revolite every time you use the Forge, which is very beneficial

When piloting a ship, it is essential to pick up all of the resources. The crew need these resources to repair any issues and keep the ship flying. With no resources, you eventually run out of Revolite, and the mission ends when your ship blows up.