How to get rid of fog in GTFO

Don’t get lost in the fog.

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Image via 10 Chambers

In addition to the creepy and mysterious occupants of the underground complex where GTFO’s action takes place, the game has a variety of environmental hazards for players to overcome. One of them is fog: an artificial mist that blankets large portions of certain Rundowns, obscuring players’ vision and in some cases infecting them with an agent that reduces their maximum HP. In this quick guide, we’ll go over what you can do to get rid of the fog in GTFO.

There is nothing you can add to your loadout to prepare for fog in GTFO. There are only two items in the game that deal with fog and they are both map-spawned pickups. The first is the Fog Repeller: a consumable item you can sometimes find in lockers and other storage containers. Fog Repellers are placed on the ground and immediately clear fog from a small area, keeping it de-fogged for 110 seconds without alerting nearby Sleepers. Conversely, the Fog Turbine is a held item that does not expire but prevents the player who is carrying it from using their weapons. The Fog Turbine is less useful and is only found on certain Rundowns.

Since fog sometimes wafts over biometric scan areas in GTFO — in other words, it blocks objectives — it is worth it to scour every locker and container for either a Repeller or a Turbine in order to be prepared. Without these items to get rid of it, fog can end your GTFO run in a way that is as frustrating as is preventable.