How to open gates in GTFO

Opening doors can be hard sometimes.

GTFO full release

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GTFO fills players with a sense of dread while they wait to discover the horrors behind each security door, also known as “gates.” Yet, there’s nothing to be scared of if you can’t open them. This guide is here to help you with those pesky doors.

Now, opening the first type of door is not difficult in any way. The first step is to look at the instructions on your screen when interacting with the gate in question. If it says something like “start security scan sequence,” follow the paragraph below.

How to open security doors

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Opening the standard door requires you and your fellow players to stand near it. If all players are standing next to it, a biometric scan will begin, and you all must remain inside until that scan reaches 100 percent completion. Then, viola, an option to open the gate will appear.

However, don’t forget that there are often horrors behind each door. Scouts, a terrifying tentacle-laden enemy, will be alerted by the sound of opening doors if they are nearby. Therefore, players must always be ready for an attack when interacting with these gates.

How to open security doors with alarms

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Next up, the other type of security door, alarm doors. When interacting with these, your screen will inform you with red text that says “alarm.” Now, opening them requires you and your fellow players to be scanned in many different areas. You will see these areas marked by red circles on the ground. Thankfully, only one player needs to stand in each, and once all the scans have been completed, the door will open.

Yet, the circles aren’t your only worry. While you are looking for them, enemies will be attacking you. You can thank the alarm for this inconvenience. Fortunately, you can prepare for this. Enemies will always spawn in locations two rooms away from the alarm door. Therefore, before starting the previously mentioned door, you should place all your mines and defensive countermeasures in the rooms that are two rooms away.

Lastly, now that the gate can be opened, you should clear out the leftover enemies before moving on. Otherwise, you’ll cause yourself even more problems with the sleeping enemies ahead.