How to hack lockers in GTFO

Hack it apart with your spear, that’s how.

GTFO guide

Image via 10 Chambers

Everything in GTFO is designed to either kill you or get you killed by drawing attention. Electrical locks fall in the second category. These devices are found on random resource containers and doors, and bar players from getting to life-preserving loot or progressing altogether. Unlike regular locks, electrical locks can’t be opened with violence. Instead, players will have to hack them to get past.

To hack an electrical lock in GTFO you need to beat a simple three-stage minigame that works like Dead by Daylight’s skill checks, Resident Evil Gaiden’s combat, or countless other similar mechanics in other games. You are presented with a wave coursing back and forth through a chain of colored bars, and you have to click the fire button when the wave is over the blue segment of the chain. Each time you do that, the blue segment gets smaller; if you succeed three times in a row, the lock is successfully hacked and opens. Each time you fail, the minigame reverts back to the previous stage, and the lock makes a loud noise that can alert nearby Sleepers.

This is all optional if you happen to be carrying a Lock Melter. Melters are map-spawned GTFO items that you sometimes find inside resource containers. They can be used to instantly break a lock open, be it electrical or regular. The irony of finding a Lock Melter inside a locked container that you failed to open silently and almost died over will surely not be lost on you.