How to get rid of food poisoning in Green Hell

You have to watch what you eat in this game.

Green Hell

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Maintaining a balanced diet is a key part of survival in Green Hell. Each consumable item will grant you a variety of benefits, including boosts to your energy, health, and sanity levels. However, food can also spoil if left uneaten for too long. If spoiled foods are consumed, there’s a good chance your character will come down with food poisoning. Eating raw meat or other certain uncooked foods can cause food poisoning as well. This illness can deal quite a number to your character’s health, and in severe cases, it could even kill them. Fortunately, you can get rid of it pretty easily. Here’s how to cure food poisoning in Green Hell.

You’ll know you have food poisoning if you see an icon of a person vomiting above your life-bar. While poisoned, your character will periodically vomit until one of three things happens: The sickness passes, the sickness is cured, or they die. Food poisoning can pass without treatment, but you’ll suffer from some pretty heavy debuffs as a result of the sickness. You can also try to sleep it off, but it’s possible your character might die in their sleep depending on how severe the illness is.

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We recommend seeking out items to heal food poisoning, of which there are many. Below you’ll find a list of all the ways you can cure food poisoning.

  • Bone Brew: You can use bones, which can be harvested from dead mammals or humans, to cook a stew that will alleviate food poisoning.
  • Water Lilies: You can find these in various bodies of water throughout Green Hell’s map. Eating these raw will cure food poisoning.
  • Unknown Herb leaves: You can find a mysterious, nameless herb known as the Unknown Herb around the jungle that has green and purple leaves. You can harvest it to obtain Unknown Herb leaves, which will cure food poisoning. Be forewarned that harvesting this herb will also yield the herb’s stem, which, if consumed, will cause food poisoning.
  • Charcoal: You can find charcoal at various campsites, and consume it to cure food poisoning. However, this will also slightly lower your sanity meter, making this not the most ideal way to treat this illness.
  • Painkillers: These are a surefire way to cure food poisoning, but you’re not able to craft them, and you’ll only be able to find them at the following locations:
    • Anaconda Island: 35’W 25’S
    • Drug Facility: 51’W 27’s
    • Gold Mine (Story mode only): 40’W 15’S
    • Wrecked Jeep: 44’W 17’S

When it comes to finding painkillers, you’ll want to rely on your smartwatch to find the above locations. By holding down the “F” key, you can pull up your watch, after which you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through its various apps. One of these is a GPS tracker that will show your current coordinates as you travel, complete with a compass to help guide you in whatever direction you please.

Screenshot by Gamepur