How to Get Sawk and Best Movesets in Pokémon GO

How to Get Sawk Best Movesets Pokémon GO

Sawk has arrived in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon is a Fighting-type capable of dealing out a decent amount of damage and has their attacks boosted by cloudy weather. While Sawk is in the game, there are only specific regions you can find them.

Sawk will only appear in Europe, Asia, and Australia. You can find it in the wild, and you can hatch it from 10km eggs. It’s unlikely to find Sawk in the wild outside of these locations. You’ll need to visit them and hope to see one during your travels or trade with someone who happened to capture one while there.

Sawk has a max CP of 2788, an attack of 231, defense of 153, and a stamina bar of 181. If you want to add Sawk to your roster, you’ll want to rely on its brutal attack and hope it can withstand a few hits. Because it has lower defense, you may want to fight other Pokémon with equally low defense or low attack to make short work of them.

You can find a Sawk with these attacks:

  • Body Slam (charge)
  • Focus Blast (charge)
  • Low Kick (fast)
  • Low Sweep (charge)
  • Poison Jab (fast)

Of the available combinations, you want to try and capture a Sawk with Poison Jab for their fast attack and Focus Blast or Body Slam for their charge. Low kick also works with Body Slam, but it doesn’t offer as much damage, but by a small margin. Sawk’s attacks are reasonably strong overall, making them a great option using whatever moves it has on it.