How to get science in Slipways

Let the science begin.

Image via Beetlewing

Science will be an essential foundation for your growing empire in Slipways. Without it, you won’t be able to invent unique technology exclusive to the three council members you picked at the start of your game. It’s easy to also forget about science because it doesn’t feel like an important structure of your growing empire, and you’d be wrong. If you ever have a planet that has a surplus of People in its production, we highly recommend going out of your way to start working on science.

The most straightforward method to obtaining science in Slipways is to create a research center. You can do this at any time in your game, so long as you have a free area of space next to a nearby planet. A research center requires People, so you want to place it next to planets that are producing People. You’re better off creating these next to planets that have already reached the Established or the Successful level. These are worlds you don’t have to worry about as much, and taking a People production from that is not the worst thing. After you’ve done that, you need to choose a Resource you want to start studying. This can be Ore, Water, Biomass, Chips, or Bots. You’ll want to connect to two planets to coordinate all of this.

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After you’ve done that, at the end of each turn, you’ll earn more Science. You can then use that Science to choose research projects, further advancing your Empire forward with advanced technologies.