How to get Scintillant in Warframe

It’s a rare thing.


Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe’s Heart of Deimos update introduced a whole host of new resources you will need to try and get your hands on. Scintillant is turning out to be one of the rarest. While most resources will have multiple sources, Scintillant only appears to have one, which is by doing Bounties for Mother.

Mother Location

You can find mother in the Necralisk, in the location shown on the map above. She will always have some rotating Bounties available that you can do to earn certain rewards. Interact with her and pick the Bounties option, then pay close attention to the reward pools for each bounty to ensure you are grinding the correct one.

Tier 1 Bounty

Tier 1 Bounty

Scintillant will drop as a Tier 1 Bounty reward, but it’s a Rare drop. You are awarded drops at the end of each Bounty section completion.

Tier 2 Bounty

Tier 2 Bounty

Scintillant will also drop as a Common drop on Tier 2 Bounties, but is part of a six item drop table, so we don’t know which one is the better option to run at the moment. We will be doing lots of trial runs and running the math, and will update this guide when we have some decent figures.

Isolation Vaults

Scintillant Isolation Vault

Scintillants will also spawn in Isolation Vaults, and a recent Hotfix actually moved some of the spawns to higher traffic areas. In Hotfix 29.0.3, Digital Extremes advised that they had “Moved 2 Scintillant spawn points within the Isolation Vaults to be in more trafficked areas.” This has been confirmed by one of our writers who was lucky enough to find some.

In Hotfix 29.0.4 further changes were made to Scintillants due to the incredibly low rate that they were appearing for players.

  • Isolation Bounty Necramech’s now have a chance to drop Scintillant.
  • Fixed issues with being able to pick up Scintillant within the Vault environments. 
  • Increased the spawn chance and spawn radius size of Scintillant within Vault environments. 
  • Removed Scintillant as one of the Weapons Entrati members ‘Parts Requisition’ Tasks.
  • Added a slight glow effect to the Scintillant to increase visibility.
  • Increased the audio loop sound effect when a Scintillant is nearby. 

When you are in the isolation Vaults, keep your eyes peeled for the glowing, blue Scintillants to make farming these up much easier and quicker.