How to Get The Scomp Link in Jedi: Fallen Order


When Cal first meets BD-1, it bravely defends him against some annoying creatures, but it get an injury preventing it from using a Scomp Link. Later in the game, players are going to get the chance to repair this useful device while on Zeffo.

You can only get the Scomp Link after you’ve completed the Tomb of Eliram and have regained Cal’s ability to use force push. After you’ve done this, you need to proceed back to a large area where a pair of an Imperial Stormtroopers, a scout trooper, and a scout commander are waiting for you. Take them out, and then go to the partially cracked wall to where they are. Here’s the zoomed-in location on BD-1’s holomap.

When you get force push, this previously red wall should now be green. (We’ve already destroyed it in this image.)

Location of Partially Damaged Wall

After breaking the wall, proceed through the small compound, and you’ll arrive at a workbench. There’s going to be a spare Scomp Link Cal can attach to BD-1.

The Scomp Link allows BD-1 to slice terminals and chests. If you’ve encountered a red chest in the past, BD-1 should now be able to open it using this new upgrade.