How to get Scraggy in Pokémon Go

Here’s what we know about capturing Scraggy in Pokémon Go

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Image via Niantic

In Pokémon Go, the only way to obtain Scraggy is to compete in the battle league, the Pokémon Go PvP mode available to all players. The only opportunity available to you to catch it is by reaching rank eight in the battle league and finding it through a random Pokémon encounter reward. Scraggy is among the pool of other Pokémon, so you have to win multiple times and retain rank eight to find it.

Scraggy is a Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon, making it exceptionally weak to Fairy-type attacks, along with Fighting and Flying-types. It evolves into Scrafty, which has a max CP of 2,283, an attack of 163, a defense of 222, and a stamina of 163. It’s the best Pokémon to use in the Ultra league, but it’s a decent choice to use in the Great league.

Scraggy a challenging Pokémon to encounter because of how active you have to be in the battle league. The only other way to catch it is during the August 2020 research breakthrough as it was the reward for the month and through special events. Make sure to optimize whenever capturing it, and if you have one with decent stats, try to give it as many rare candies as possible to receive more candy to power it up and evolve it into Scrafty.