How to get Scrounger Spark Coils in Horizon Forbidden West

Hit the right spot, and get your resources.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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You’ll need to obtain various resources to upgrade your equipment and specific tools in Horizon Forbidden West. As you explore the game, you can find these critical components, but you can also loot them off machines while you’re battling them. For example, the Scrounger Spark Coils drops off of the Scroungers, although you need to do this in a specific way. This guide will cover how to get Scrounger Spark Coils to drop in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Scrounger Spark Coil has a chance to drop off of a Scrounger, but you need to make sure you’re aiming for the correct parts using specific damage. These parts are associated with the creature’s Power Cell, and you’ll need to use Tear damage.

So long as you’re using Tear damage and aiming for the Scrounger Power Cell, you have a pretty good chance of it dropping. Tear damage typically means using your bow, so you’ll want to hit these items from a distance, but you can use other weapons as well with this damage type. Tear damage is associated with the partially broken shield symbol. You can find it when highlighting a weapon’s ammunition or overall stats.

We recommend highlighting the creature using your Focus to find the Power Cells on its form, and break those apart using your weapon that has Tear damage. Without it, those parts won’t fall off.