How to get Seashells in Wytchwood

Steal Seashells by the seashore.

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Seashells are a particularly valuable ingredient in Wytchwood. They’re required for use in some of your recipes, but just as importantly, you’ll need them to get access to the Ship during the Fish storyline.

Surprisingly, you can’t simply use your Trowel to dig them up on the beach in the Docks. The Fisher People of the Docks are too quick, and have already gathered them all for themselves. Your only option then, is to pick the Seashells directly from their pockets.

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To do this you’ll need a Pluckpocket, and you’ll need to use it specifically on the Fisher People in the Docks. No other Village residents will do. If you don’t already have a Pluckpocket, you can craft one with a Pickpocket’s Glove, a Grave Bone, and a Crab Claw.

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Pickpocket’s Gloves can be found on the Pickpockets in the Village. To get their gloves you’ll need a Shiny Lure, which you set up like any other trap. When a Pickpocket touches it they’ll be stunned and drop a Glove or two.

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The Grave Bone is the simplest of the components to acquire. Just head south out of the Village and into the Graveyard. Find a pile of Grave Dirt and dig it up with your Trowel. This won’t yield a Grave Bone every single time, but it usually does.

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Crab Claws can be found at the Docks. There should be quite a few Crabs skittering around the beach, but if you need more, they’ll sometimes appear when you dig up the Sandy Mounds in the area as well. Once you track down a Crab, set a Crab Trap nearby. Before too long, the Crab should get caught in the Trap and drop its Claw.

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