How to get Sharrac Teeth in Warframe

Gone fishing.


Sharrac Teeth are a resource in Warframe used in the construction of several cosmetics, pieces of gear, and even a Warframe component. The Ceno Pualdrons, Fosfor Rahd, Norg Bait, and Xaku Neuroptics are all constructed with Sharrac Teeth.

Sharrac Teeth can be obtained by fishing for Sharrac, then cutting the fish into Bait to retrieve the resources.

Where to find Sharrac

Sharrac can be found on the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. They will appear in the Ocean during the day, or at nighttime, so you can fish for them at any time. Sharrac will respond to Twilight bait and can be caught with a Lanzo or Tulok spear.

The blueprint for Twilight Bait can be purchased from Fisher Hai Luk in Cetus for 100 Ostron Standing. Players who own blueprints for the bait can make it in the Foundry using the following resources:

  • 1000 Credits
  • 10 Nistlepod
  • 10 Fish Oil
  • 20 Fish Meat
  • 1 Maprico

Maprico and Nistlepod are both plants that can be farmed on the Plains of Eidolon, while Fish Oil and Fish Meat can be gotten by cutting any fish into Bait at Fisher Hai Luk in Cetus.

The Lanzo and Tulok fishing spears can be purchased from Fisher Hai Luk for 500 Ostron Standing each.

To catch the fish, head to the Plains of Eidolon and search around the coast for white ripples on the surface of the ocean. Throw the Twilight Bait in the water by selecting it from your Gear Wheel and then wait for the fish to appear. Equip the fishing spear and then throw it at the fish to catch them.

When you have enough Sharrac, return to Fisher Hai Luk in Cetus and select the Cut Bait option, select the Sharrac fish and you will get the resources they can drop.