How to get shiny shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go

There’s always a shiny type for you to catch.

Image via Niantic

Shiny Pokémon are a highly sought after variant in any Pokémon, and the same goes for Pokémon Go. A shiny Pokémon is one that has different coloring than the original Pokémon species. For example, Charmander is normally orange and white. Its shiny variant switches its orange coloring with a bright yellow, and when it evolves into Charizard, it becomes jet black with red wings. While the stats of the Pokémon don’t change, these rare color tones make them stand out choices. When players battle a Team Rocket member, they have the chance to rescue the shadow Pokémon and add it to their roster. How do you get shiny shadow Pokémon?

Yes, and no. It varies on what Team Rocket member you’re battling in Pokémon Go. The regularly Team Rocket grunts you encounter at Poké Stops, which can be 18 different types, won’t have a shiny shadow Pokémon on them. Even if the regular form has a shiny, say you’re battling a Fire-type Team Rocket grunt using Growlithe. While Growlithe does have a shiny variant in the game, the shadow Pokémon won’t have it, and you won’t be able to catch it.

This rule changes for the Team Rocket leaders, namely Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff. Giovanni is the exception. The Pokémon that you capture after defeating them in battle has the chance to have a shiny variant, and you can capture that one. These are the only options that you have available. This rule doesn’t transfer over to the grunts, though, even if a shiny Pokémon was available before. For example, Arlo could have a shiny Pokémon one month, and the next, they have new Pokémon you can capture, but the shiny Pokémon is now available on certain Team Rocket grunts. Those grunts don’t have the chance for any potential shiny Pokémon.

The Pokémon Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff use change out every so often, so you may need to do a little investigation to see what shadow Pokémon you can capture. The chance of you encountering a shiny type is always pretty low, with the potential hovering around 1 in every 450 encounters.

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