How to get sorted into Ravenclaw on Wizarding World

Show your wisdom and choose the right house.

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There are four main houses in the Harry Potter universe, and you can already choose which one you will represent in Hogwarts Legacy on Wizarding World. Take the house sorting quiz and connect your account to continue playing as the house you got in the quiz. If you want to be a part of Ravenclaw, the house of the wise, then you need to give answers which show your intellectual side. Here is how you can get sorted into house Ravenclaw in the Wizarding World sorting quiz.

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Wizarding World Ravenclaw sorting test answers

You must correctly respond to eight questions in the Wizarding World sorting test to join house Ravenclaw. Since the questions are randomly chosen, and there are 28 questions in total, we have compiled a list of all of them with their respective answers.

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All answers to get sorted into Ravenclaw on Wizarding World

Here are all the answers that will get you sorted Ravenclaw in the Wizarding World house sorting quiz, in no particular order:

  • Question: Dawn or dusk? — Answer: Dawn
  • Question: Forest or river? — Answer: Forest
  • Question: Moon or stars? — Answer: Moon
  • Question: Black or White? — Answer: White
  • Question: Heads or Tails? — Answer: Heads
  • Question: Left or Right? — Answer: Left
  • Question: Four boxes are placed before you. Which would try and open? — Answer: The ornate golden casket, standing on clawed feet, whose inscription warns that both secret knowledge and unbearable temptation lie within.
  • Question: You and two friends need to cross a bridge guarded by a river troll who insists on fighting one of you before he will let all of you pass. Do you: — Answer: Attempt to confuse the troll into letting all three of you pass without fighting?
  • Question: Once every century, the Flutterby bush produces flowers that adapt their scent to attract the unwary. If it lured you, it would smell of: — Answer: Fresh parchment
  • Question: One of your housemates has cheated in a Hogwarts exam by using a Self-Spelling Quill. Now he has come top of the class in Charms, beating you into second place. Professor Flitwick is suspicious of what happened. He draws you to one side after his lesson and asks you whether or not your classmate used a forbidden quill. What do you do? — Answer: Tell Professor Flitwick the truth. If your classmate is prepared to win by cheating, he deserves to be found out. Also, as you are both in the same house, any points he loses will be regained by you, for coming first in his place.
  • Question: Which of the following do you find most difficult to deal with? — Answer: Being ignored / Hunger
  • Question: You enter an enchanted garden. What would you be most curious to examine first? — Answer: The silver-leafed tree bearing golden apples
  • Question: Four goblets are placed before you. Which would you choose to drink? — Answer: The foaming, frothing, silvery liquid that sparkles as though containing ground diamonds.
  • Question: What kind of instrument most pleases your ear? — Answer: The piano
  • Question: Which of the following would you most hate people to call you? — Answer: Ignorant
  • Question: After you have died, what would you most like people to do when they hear your name? — Answer: Think with admiration of your achievements
  • Question: How would you like to be known to history? — Answer: The Wise
  • Question: A Muggle confronts you and says that they are sure you are a witch or wizard. Do you: — Answer: Ask what makes them think so?
  • Question: Which nightmare would frighten you most? — Answer: Standing on top of something very high and realizing suddenly that there are no hand- or footholds, nor any barrier to stop you from falling.
  • Question: If you were attending Hogwarts, which pet would you choose to take with you? — Answer: Tawny Owl / Brown Owl / Barn Owl
  • Question: Given the choice, would you rather invent a potion that would guarantee you: — Answer: Wisdom
  • Question: If you could have any power, which would you choose? — Answer: Power to change appearance / Power to read minds
  • Question: Which road tempts you most? — Answer: The cobbled street lined with ancient buildings
  • Question: Late at night, walking alone down the street, you hear a peculiar cry that you believe to have a magical source. Do you: — Answer: Withdraw into the shadows to await developments, while mentally reviewing the most appropriate defensive and offensive spells, should trouble occur?
  • Question: What are you most looking forward to learning at Hogwarts? — Answer: Transfiguration / Every area of magic
  • Question: Which of the following would you most like to study? — Answer: Goblins / Centaurs / Ghosts
  • Question: A troll has gone berserk in the Headmaster’s study at Hogwarts. It is about to smash, crush, and tear several irreplaceable items and treasures. In which order would you rescue these objects from the troll’s club, if you could? — Answer: A mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes (highest priority)
  • Question: Which would you rather be: — Answer: Imitated / Envied