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How to get Streltsy units in Age of Empires IV

The Streltsy are powerful units that deal high damage to other units.

The Streltsy units offer high damage and can easily defeat other units in Age of Empires IV. These units cost a fair number of resources to produce, but they are worth the effort. Creating a group of these units can allow you to easily overcome small enemy armies. Here is how you get them.

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The Streltsy units are unique to the Rus, so when playing online or in a single-player skirmish, you will want to select this civilization. Play the game like normal and reach the Fuedal Age (the second age). Afterward, you will want to have one of your villagers build an archery range. With the archery range created, you will be able to produce Streltsy units.

These units cost more than any of the other units that you can produce from the archery range. They also get fewer upgrades than the other units because of how powerful they are. It will cost you 90 food and 90 gold to produce one of these units. They can be upgraded with the blacksmith building. They also receive one upgrade from the archery range that increases their movement speed for a limited time. It is recommended to get this upgrade since these units are rather slow.

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