How to get Tech Mesh in Sons of The Forest

Tangled in cables.

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Sons of the Forest is a survival game that will put your skills to the test in a mysterious and dangerous wilderness full of multi-fingered and baby-throwing mutations. As you navigate the dense forest, you must gather resources and craft tools, weapons, and shelter to survive. However, not all crafting materials are created equal. Some materials are more valuable than others, and some are rarer to find. Tech Mesh falls into the latter category. It’s a powerful resource capable of crafting some of the best items in the game, but you won’t find it right around the corner.

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Where to find Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

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You can print Tech Mesh with the 3D printer. So, first things first, locate the 3D printer. Once you’ve reached the end of the tech cave with the 3D printer, it’s time to put your tech-savvy skills to the test. Select tech mesh on the laptop screen and press ‘E.’ In exchange for 250 Resin, you’ll get a shiny new Tech Mesh to add to your inventory. Use it like any other item; you’ll be one step closer to survival. That Tech armor isn’t going to craft itself!

How to Farm Printer Resin in Sons of the Forest

Running short on printer resin? Upon discovery, the printer is loaded with 850 ml, which is more than enough for at least 3 Tech Mesh. Also, you’ll hit the resin canister jackpot the first time you visit the printer’s cave. But if you’ve already exhausted these sources, there is a quick exploit to get even more. Set camp right inside the printer cave and use it as a base. Not only will it be helpful due to this handy item-making machine, but it will also allow you to save the game. By exploiting this save, you’ll get to restock printer Resin as much as you want.