What’s in the cave in Sons of the Forest?


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So you’ve started your horror adventure in Sons of the Forest and have stumbled into a cave. Well, we have some news for you, there are a lot of caves like this one scattered across the island. However, what is inside these caves? Are there a lot of powerful mutants that will kill you in one shot? Or maybe you can find the billionaire you are looking for in one of these places. Well, if you are afraid to go inside these scary places, then we will tell you exactly what you can find inside these caves in Sons of the Forest.

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What can you find in the caves in Sons of the Forest?

There are 12 caves scattered across the map of Sons of the Forest and most of these places will hold the necessary items to get off this island. Items such as the shovel, the rope gun, and the diving gear are all hidden inside the huge caverns. You will also find research centers hidden in some of these caves, where, you guessed it, the mutants were probably made.

Some of these locations will be very safe, with no mutants or enemies inside of them, while others will be brimming with hostiles. Your best bet is to do your due diligence and search online for what items you can find inside each cave. This way, you can consider if this dangerous journey will be worth it or not. Just remember that you can usually run past the mutants.

Make sure you get a flashlight before heading inside these places since the lighter will not be enough to light up these incredibly dark locations. So, if you want to see what’s inside a cave in Sons of the Forest, make sure to prepare accordingly and always save before going in. In the worst-case scenario, just build a tent inside the cave and save there, just to be sure you don’t lose all your progress.