How to get the Adopt Me, Chick! Egg in Roblox Egg Hunt 2020

Take some time to be a good parent and hatch the Easter 2020 egg.

What better way to celebrate April than with an egg hunt in Roblox, and there are 50 different eggs for you to obtain the game. These eggs are scattered all over these different games, ready for you to collect after you complete a specific challenge in it. To obtain the Adopt Me Chick! egg, you need to jump on to Adopt Me!  to get started.

You want to locate the Easter 2020 event sign. You can find it near where you first start. However, if you have never played the game, you will go to the nursery where a dog with a monocle provides you with an egg. You do not want to mistake this for the Easter Egg 2020 event. The egg does not immediately hatch. You need to give it four things for it to hatch, and providing it with these items takes time because they will go on cooldown.


Depending on what the first need of the egg, it will have you doing different tasks. For example, if the egg is hungry, you will need to feed it. You should see a blue notification at the top of your screen when this happens. Click on the information, and you should see several dotted lines pointing you in the direction of how you can fulfill that need.

The notifications do not happen immediately after another. You need to stick around in the game and wait for the egg to share with you what it needs. It could need to sleep, to be cleaned if it’s dirty, or if it wants to have some fun at a specific location, like a playground or at a pool party.

Above the egg is a progress bar that says “unmatched.” After completing each need, you will steadily see it fill up. When you finish filling up the entire bar, you can then hatch the egg. You will receive a notification about hatching your Easter 2020 egg, and you have now added this game’s egg to your collection.