How to get the air jump in Recompile

It’s more tricky than it needs to be just to get an air jump.

Image via Dear Villagers

The air jump is essential in almost any 3D platformer, and Recompile is no different. However, rather than having it available by default, you’ll need to find it within the digital wasteland that is Recompile. This guide will tell you how to find it.

Essentially, you’ll need the air jump to further progress in this mainframe 3D platformer as you need to climb higher expanses. Thankfully, we know where it is. First, go to the Central Exchange, the main hub after the introductory level. On the right of the orange machinery and the blue power structures, you’ll see a green elevator.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ride it down and once you’re at the bottom, keep running forward until you see a spiral structure. Take the elevator on the left up. Now, turn left again once you’ve rode that elevator. You’ll see a gateway with green lightning. Walk into it. You’ll now be transported to a new area called Hex Maintenance.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be standing on a rock. Jump down and walk until you see a button switch. Jump on it. Now, look down below and you’ll see a sketchy path awaiting your steps. Carefully make your way through this path. Once you hit a wall, look for a pipe you can jump down to on the left hand side. Once you’re there, walk around until you see another button switch. Activate it.

After that, jump to the area where all the red pipes are leading towards and jump on the rocky platforms to the right. Find your way to the green cube, which gives you some lore if you are into that. Traverse your way around the area to find a green section of the level about 10m away from your program.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, turn left to find some convenient platforms that will lead you to another green cube and a switch. Turn on the switch and then find your way over to the green area. You’ll find an elevator there. Take it down.

Once the elevator ride is finished, take the path to the left. Be careful not to fall. You’ll find a switch at the end of this dangerous section. Turn right and make your way up the hill you are on. As you continue to scale this hill, you’ll find two switches you need to turn on. Keep going until you’re at a dead end. From there, you can find a platform that will bring you to another section of the level. You should see a big, black spiral at the end of the path you are currently on.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the right, you should see a few ball-like structures with textures that are shaking. You’ll also find a switch here. Be careful as you approach, however, as you’ll need to use a weapon against two aggressive security bots. Wipe them out and turn on the switch. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to find some platforms that lead your way down. Once you’re found your way there, you’ll see two blocks with plug signs on them. To the right, you’ll see a switch.

On the left path, you should see a flickering green bridge. Run across it to find the last three switches.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once activated, a black ball with yellow lines flying around it is summoned in front of you. Come into contact with it to learn the air jump.