How to get the Ashes of War: Barricade Shield in Elden Ring

Add this Ashes of War to your collection.

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The Ashes of War can help you define your weapons and playstyle in Elden Ring. You’ll be finding many of them throughout your journey in the Lands Between, a majority of them hidden behind small secrets and pathways you’ll have to explore off the beaten path. For example, the Ashes of War: Barricade Shield drops when you defeat a boss, and finding them can be tricky. In this guide, we cover how to get the Ashes of War: Barricade Shield in Elden Ring and share the boss that drops it.

You’ll need to do battle with one of the three Night’s Calvary. These are large, black knights that are wandering the Lands Between. This particular one that drops the Barricade of Shield will be wandering around the Weeping Peninsula. You can find them spawning next to a site of grace called Castle Morne Rampart.

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However, you might miss them. The Night’s Calvary bosses only spawn at nighttime. If you arrive here at any time other than night, you’ll likely your a chance to battle them. We recommend finding the lost grace at the Castle Morne Rampart location and then passing the time until night. You’ll see it spawn not too far away, on the road leading to Castle Morne.