How to get the Atomic Recalibrator toy in World of Warcraft

Transform yourself into any playable race!

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World of Warcraft has introduced a ton of unique and fun toys to collect over the years. It seems that, with every expansion, these rewards get more and more off the wall, including letting players change their skybox or playing sound effects from the game to annoy their friends. One of the best toys to come out of the Dragonflight expansion is definitely the Atomic Recalibrator. This nifty device places a pad on the ground that party members can walk into to change their character randomly into any of the available playable races in the game — minus, of course, the Dracthyr. Here is how you can nab the Atomic Recalibrator for yourself.

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What is the Atomic Recalibrator in World of Warcraft?

The Atomic Recalibrator is a toy that you can learn and add to your toy collection. Upon using it, a pad will appear in front of your character that persists for three minutes. During this time, anyone in your party can enter the pad to change into a random playable race of any gender. This appearance lasts for an hour and persists through death. The toy has a 12-hour cooldown, however, so use it wisely.

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How to craft the Atomic Recalibrator toy in World of Warcraft

The Atomic Recalibrator is crafted by Engineers through the Dragonflight Engineering profession. In order to learn the schematic, the Engineer has to spend 10 points in the Mechanical Mind node of their profession specializations and learn the Novelties sub-specialization. You must also have a skill of at least 65 to learn the recipe.

  • Open up your Dragonflight Engineering Menu.
  • Navigate to the third tab, Mechanical Mind. After spending 10 points in the first node, you will have the ability to unlock the bottom right node sub-spec Novelties. Upon doing so, you will automatically learn the ability to craft the Atomic Recalibrator.

The Atomic Recalibrator can be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workbench in Valdrakken with the following materials:

  • 20 Handful of Severite Bolts
  • 6 Shock-Spring Coils
  • 4 Greased-Up Gears
  • 2 Arclight Capacitors
  • 2 Reinforced Machine Chassis
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Purchase the Atomic Recalibrator off of the Auction House

The Atomic Recalibrator toy may be crafted by Engineers, but it is bind-on-equip and usable by anyone regardless of their professions. If you are not an Engineer yourself, you can also purchase the toy on the Auction House. Because the content is fresh, the Atomic Recalibrator can be bought relatively cheap.

Engineers are always the masters of crazy and fun gizmos to utilize in World of Warcraft. Dragonflight Engineering also has access to another fun toy called the Environmental Emulator. Don’t stop there, however! These are just a few of the interesting rewards added in the Dragonflight expansion.