How to get the Back! Back, I Say! achievement/trophy in Alan Wake Remastered

Fend the Taken off with your flare.

Alan Wake Remastered

Image via Remedy Entertainment

The Back! Back, I Say! achievement and trophy in Alan Wake Remastered is awarded for using a flare to save your life. What does this actually mean, though? Keep in mind that flares are different from flare guns. One acts like a standard weapon meanwhile the other is closer to the flashlight in terms of utility. Flares leave Taken vulnerable, but they don’t damage them. Read below to find the easiest spot to net this achievement.

Upon meeting with Alice’s kidnapper in episode two, Alan finds himself lacking in supplies. All Alan has on him at this point are the aforementioned flares and his flashlight. During this sequence, players must use their limited arsenal to weaken the Taken, letting the kidnapper finish them off with gunfire.

Reaching Lovers’ Peak

At the end of this co-operative sequence between Alan and the kidnapper, they arrive at Lovers’ Peak. The major ambush that takes place here is the perfect chance. While it’s possible to get Back! Back, I Say! at just about any point, this sequence is the safest and earliest.

Taken are prone to attacking multiple times in a row and it’s impossible to predict when they’ll swipe at you once or twice. Dealing with this along with other enemies can be frustrating, especially if you can’t find a good checkpoint to retry upon failure. The ambush at Lovers’ Peak is perfect because of your AI controlled buddy, which will distract other enemies, letting you focus more on the task at hand. It’s also a convenient checkpoint, letting you try as many times as you want without wasting time.

Let an unassuming Taken hit Alan until he is left with a sliver of health. If the screen has turned grey, it’s your cue to activate the flare with the right bumper on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation. Doing this pops the Back! Back, I Say! achievement.