How to get the Botanist Mod in Warframe

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The Botanist Mod was added to Warframe with the Heart of Deimos update. This Mod has been requested by players for some time and will allow the Oxylus Sentinel to automatically scan plants in the game. It will use Codex Scanner chargers to do this, although if you have the Simaris Scanner, you won’t need to worry about that. You can purchase the mod from Simaris for 75000 Simaris Standing.

RankRange (meters)Time to ScanMod Capacity

How to get Simaris Standing

You can earn Standing with Cephalon Simaris by finishing daily bounty challenges. To get these, you need to visit Cephalon Simaris on any Relay, and he will give you a synthesis target to track down and scan. Once you scan it as many times as is required, return to Simaris and hand in the bounty to get your Standing. You can also earn small amounts of Standing by performing scans of other items and enemies in the game using your Codex Scanner or Simaris Scanner of Helios and Helios Prime.

How to get the Oxylus Sentinel

You can purchase the blueprint for the Oxylus Sentinel from The Business in Fortuna for 20000 Standing, but you will need to have hit the rank of Old Mate with the Solar United Syndicate. You can earn Standing for this Syndicate by performing Bounties, who can be found near the doors that connect Fortuna to Orb Vallis.

You can then build the Oxylus Sentinel in your Foundry using the following resources:

  • 15000 Credits
  • 15 Goblite Tears
  • 45 Axidrol Alloy
  • 40 Scrap
  • 10 Lathe Coagulant