How to get the Cartographer achievement in Mundaun

Get the lay of the land.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mundaun is a gorgeous, hand-drawn horror game from the team at Hidden Fields. The art style is downright beautiful in its simplicity, and the game provides you with a fun series of tasks that give you the best views of the mountain town. Doing them all will reward you with the “Cartographer” achievement in addition to all of the great landscapes. Finding them can be a tough task, but we’ve put together a quick guide to help you out if you’re missing a few. And, just to be clear, this guide will include some light spoilers to help describe locations.

View Location #1

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The best way to search for these locations is to look for the signposts that feature a picture of a person sitting and looking through binoculars. Following those will get where you want to be.

The first of these can be found just after leaving the barn where your grandfather died. Once you pass through the gate, you can turn left to see the sign in the image above. Following this up, the side of the mountain will bring you to your first viewing bench.

View Location #2

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The second view location is also in that same area. You’ll notice the sign just before the tunnel that takes you to the next area. If you follow it down to the path that goes just beside the tunnel, you’ll find the next bench overlooking the church.

View Location #3

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You can find the third location just after you drive up to the game’s second area. If you go from the hay unloading station and head to your right, you’ll find the signpost. The actual bench is overlooking the river and very easy to see. We’d suggest waiting for the morning so that you’re not dodging evil hay people as you search.

View Location #4

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The fourth signpost is found at the mountain lake. This one takes a bit of a trek to get to, but you’ll get there eventually; if you just follow the path, you can’t go wrong. There isn’t any alternate path to get you off track, so it’s relatively simple to find.

View Location #5

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The fifth location comes just after you meet the enemies that look a bit like Yetis. In their area, you’ll see two buildings. One of these is a bar where you’ll get a quest item. However, to get the fifth location ticked off, you’ll need to go behind this building and follow the signs until you find the location above. It’s pretty clear once you know where to look.

View Location #6

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The final location isn’t findable until you lift the fog at the top of the mountain. We won’t spoil why that happens, but once you do, finding the last location isn’t too tough. All you need to do is go under the bridge that leads to the old man’s mountain home and then find the signpost along the side of the mountain.

Once you find this last location, you’ll wrap up the achievement. Remember to find all before you head back down the mountain to finish the game, as you can’t go back once you finish the last confrontation.