How to get the cat companion for your longship in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Who doesn’t love cats?

A cat can be a worthy companion when you’re relaxing at home, but they’re also instrumental if you want to keep rats out of your grain or from your ship. In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you have the opportunity to add one to your longship, and it will reside alongside you as command it in battle, preventing troublesome rats from bothering your crew or attacking your food stores. And yes, you can pet it.

Where is the cat?

The cat is one of the mystery icons you can find on your map, so there’s no direct quest for it. You can encounter the feline in East Anglia, close to the center of down, due south.

It will have a white fur cat, and you’ll be able to speak to it. Upon speaking to it, a group of children will chase it away, and you’ll need to follow it. The cat goes to the right and continues to go right. When it stops running, you can interact with it again Eivor will pick it up to hold it. A child walks up to the pair of you, and you’ll need to speak with them. Apparently, the cat does not allow anyone else to touch it, and Eivor is one of the few who does.

Eivor decides to add the cat to their longship raiding party. Whenever you return to your longship, the cat will be standing alongside you, ready to pillage and raid England.