How to get the Channeling enchantment and what it does in Minecraft

Whosoever holds this trident, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

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Enchantments help keep Minecraft’s gameplay interesting and varied by giving the player powers that they usually would not have. From walking on water to firing an infinite amount of arrows from a bow, the different enchantments in the game are a welcome addition for anyone looking to make surviving a little more manageable. One of the more oddball enchantments in the game, however, is Channeling. Here is how to get it and what it does.

Channeling is a Trident-exclusive enchantment that makes lightning strike a mob hit by that Trident when thrown. It will only work when thrown; you cannot make lightning strike by melee attacking with the Trident. There also needs to be a Thunderstorm happening for the lightning to be available. If you are near a Lightning Rod, the lightning will ignore the Rod and go to whatever mob you threw the Trident at.

Channeling is primarily a tool used for turning pigs into Piglins, Villagers into Witches, and Creepers into Charged Creepers. Before this enchantment became available, you had to rely on the very slim chances of the game striking the proper mob for the changes to take effect.

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To get Channeling, you need to acquire a Channeling Enchanted Book. This can be done during a raid, while fishing, from buying one from a Librarian Villager, or by finding chests in various locations. You can also get it from an Enchantment Table. Channeling will not work on any Trident that currently has the Riptide enchantment on it.