How to get the Climbing Axe in The Forest

Reach new heights with this tool.

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The Forest is an open-world survival game that tasks players with exploring an unknown, remote forest while searching for their missing son, Timmy, following a plane crash. Along the way, the game’s protagonist can craft or find a variety of weapons and tools to help them explore the forest and uncover the dark secrets within. One of these tools is the Climbing Axe, which opens up new routes of exploration for players to find. If you want to know how to find the Climbing Axe in The Forest, here is everything you need to know.

Climbing Axe location in The Forest | Where to find Climbing Axe

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The Climbing Axe is a clever kit that allows players to scale specific walls throughout the game. These walls are generally completely sheer and have bits of rope hanging from them to show you the path the developers expect you to take up the wall. Because of the game’s open-world nature, it can be challenging to find a specific item without using cheats or commands, so here is what you need to do.

The Climbing Axe is located in Cave 9. The entrance is located at the point marked on the map above, just north of one of the Sinkhole. Search the area until you find a cave entrance near a discarded tent. That is the entrance to Cave 9. The path here is highly linear, so don’t worry about getting lost along the way.

Head inside and navigate your way down a series of ledges. At the bottom, make your way through the water – you only need to submerge for a few seconds, so don’t worry about getting the rebreather first – and you’ll find another ledge leading down. There are some enemies at the bottom, so be ready to attack as soon as you get down there. Once they’re dead, explore the cave and go to the left, where you’ll find a path leading further in. Slip through the gap between rocks and continue onward.

You’ll find out in the open suddenly, on the side of the Sinkhole. Turn left and head down the path until you reach another gap between two rocks. Continue forward through the gaps and down the ledges until you reach some enemies. Kill them and press on. You’ll find a large cavern leading down. Hug the left side of the cave wall and continue around. There will be a few enemies along the way, so be ready.

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Finally, at the end of the cave, you’ll find the prize. A light will be shining on the wall to show you the Climbing Axe. This will make getting back out of Cave 9 much easier than it was to get in since it will allow you to climb the walls around you. The Climbing Axe can also be used as a weapon in a pinch, but it can’t be upgraded, so it will quickly be outclassed by other melee weapons of its type.