The Forest cheats and console commands

Change the game how you want with the console commands for The Forest.

The Forest is a harrowing experience and wrought with difficult obstacles for you to overcome. Survival is no easy feat and if you are in need of some help with your journey through it, then you may want to look into some console commands for the game.

These commands can allow you to do basic stuff like spawning specific items, all the way to entering God mode. You can find the perfect commands for you to give yourself a easier of a time and still experiencing the game how you want to.

How to enter commands

First, make sure that cheats are enabled in the game’s settings or else the commands won’t work.

Once they are, type out “developermodeon” on the main menu screen. There will not be a notification if this has worked to hit F1 to see if it did. F1 is what you will press to turn the console on and off, as you please.

Console commands and cheats

Just a word of note: some of these commands can delete your save file or achievement progress so be careful when entering them and make sure you are doing the one that you want.

  • additem [item id]
    Add item with item ID to inventory
  • spawnanimal [animal name]
    Spawn a specified animal in front of character, eg. rabbit
  • goto [location name/coordinates]
    Teleport to a specified location or coordinates
  • placebuiltobjects [object id] [quantity]
    Place a built object with the specified ID in front of you
  • cavelight [on/off]
    Choose whether you want light or darkness in your caves
  • buildermode [on/off]
    A creative mode that disables health and enemies
  • faststart [on/off]
    Skip the plane crash scene at the beginning
  • godmode [on/off]
    Enable and disable God mode, with this turned on you can’t take damage and you have unlimited stats
  • buildhack [on/off]
    Enable and disable buildhack, which gives you unlimited resources and instant building
  • cancelallghosts
    Removes every blueprint in the game
  • addallitems
    Adds one of each item to your inventory
  • addallstoryitems
    Adds one of each story item
  • itemhack [on/off]
    Enable or disable infinite items
  • survival [on/off]
    If disabled, your character’s hydration and hunger aren’t affected
  • speedyrun [on/off]
    Run at a very fast speed
  • invisible [on/off]
    If enabled, your character is unaffected by camera affects, e.g water, mud, blood
  • killallenemies
    Instantly kill all cannibals and mutants alive in the game
  • enemies [on/off]
    Enables and disables enemy spawns
  • terrainrender [on/off]
    Enables and disables the rendering of terrain
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride [off/lighting name]
    Override the time of day and reset it
  • forcerain [weather]
    Change the weather
  • cutdowntrees [amount/%]
    Reduce the % of trees in the game
  • cutgrass [radius]
    Cut the grass in a specified radius
  • pmactivestatelabels [on/off]
    Shows an NPCs current state, eg. sleep
  • setstat [stat] [value]
    Set your player stats
  • setskill [skill] [value]
    Set your player skills
  • addclothingid [clothing id]
    Add specified clothing
  • killallanimals
    Kills all animals in the game
  • killclosestanimal
    Kills the closest animal to your character
  • animals [on/off]
    Enable and disable animals
  • birds [on/off]
    Enable and disable birds
  • spawnitem [item id]
    Spawn item in front of you
  • removeitem [item id]
    Remove item from inventory
  • spawnanimalquiet
    Spawns an animal in the closest animal trap
  • restallenemies
    Resets enemy AI
  • knockdownclosetenemy
    Knock down the closest enemy
  • killclosestenemy
    Kill the closest enemy
  • killendboss
    Kills the end boss
  • astar [on/off]
    Enables and disables enemy path finding
  • spawnregularfamily
    Spawn 3-6 cannibals
  • spawnpaintedfamily
    Spawn 3-6 painted cannibals
  • spawnskinnedfamily
    Spawn 3-6 masked cannibals
  • spawnskinnyfamily
    Spawns 2-3 skinny cannibals
  • spawnmutant [mutant id]
    Spawn a specific mutant
  • spawnallpickups
    Spawn all items that naturally spawn in the map
  • regrowmode
    When your character sleeps, 10% trees regrow
  • vegetarian mode
    When enabled, enemies only spawn at night
  • woodpaste
    Resets holes made by hole cutter or crane
  • checkday
    Prints the current day to the console log
  • advanceday
    Skips date/time one day forward
  • setcurrentday [number]
    Set the current date
  • timescale [multiplayer]
    Slow down and speed up gameplay
  • gametimescale [multiplayer]
    Changes the speed of game stats
  • plantallgardens
    Plants seeds in all the gardens in the game
  • growallgardens
    Refills all mud piles in the game
  • energyhack
    When enabled, your character has unlimited energy and stamina
  • revivelocalplayer
    Revives your character in multiplayer if you are knocked down
  • fakehitplayer
    Receive a fake hit, without any damage
  • setvariationextra [none/jacket]
    Remove or add a jacket
  • veganmode [on/off]
    When enabled, enemies only spawn in caves
  • ironforest
    Makes buildings indestructible
  • meatmode
    disables all cheats
  • rawmeatmode
    when you die, save game is permanently deleted
  • placeallghosts
    Places all blueprints in the game in front of your character
  • setplayervariation [0/1]
    Changes character skin colour
  • setplayershirtmat [material id]
    Changes character shirt material
  • showworldposfor [object id]
    Shows you where an object is
  • hideworldposfor [object id]
    Hides where an object is
  • findpassenger [passenger id]
    Find passenger with specified ID
  • gototag [tag]
    Teleports your character to specified tag
  • gotoenemy
    Teleports your character to a random enemy
  • devicedebuginformation [on/off]
    Show debug information on your device
  • help
    List of all commands
  • clear
    Clears the console
  • showgamestats
    Shows current game stats
  • achivementloglevel [log level]
    Sets the level of logging for your achievement log
  • save
    Saves game
  • setdifficultymode [difficulty]
    Specify difficulty level from peaceful, normal, hard, and hard survival
  • setgamemode [game mode]
    Change game mode to standard, creative, and mod
  • loghack [on/off]
    Infinite logs
  • userigidbodyrotation [on/off]
    When enabled, smooths camera movement
  • gccollect
    Calls the garbage collector to free up unused memory the game is using
  • lodmanagerscaling
    Toggles LOD manager FPS scaling
  • toggleocclusionculling
    Stops models from being rendered
  • togglesheenbillboards [on/off]
    Enables and disables Sheen Billboards
  • filteraudio
    Clears audio path filter
  • dumplobbyinfo
    Print multiplayer lobby information to your console log
  • physics30fps [on/off]
    Changes physics to 30 FPS
  • loadlevel [save number]
    Loads specified save
  • toggleplayerstats
    Shows player stats
  • toggleoverlay
    Displays debug information at bottom of screen
  • setdrawdistance [setting number]
    Set render distance
  • setshadowlevel
    Set the shadow level
  • clearsaveslot [mp/sp] [slot number]
    Clears a multiplayer or single player slot
  • clearallsettings
    Resets all game settings
  • resetstatsandachievements
    Resets all account stats and achievements