How to get the Coward achievement and loop ending in 12 Minutes

How could you?

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In 12 Minutes, you are stuck in a time loop involving the murder of your wife’s father and an antique watch that costs a fortune. After running through the various loops and scenarios, you come into contact with a cop who is looking to murder both of you and steal the watch. However, there is a way to convince the cop not to harm you and just take the watch and leave. Here is how to get the Coward achievement and ending in 12 Minutes.

Once you begin a new loop, quickly grab both mugs in the room sitting by the couch and on the kitchen counter. Walk into the closet and grab the phone out of your wife’s purse. Finally, grab a spoon or the knife, go into the bathroom, and grab the watch out of the vent under the medicine cabinet. Be sure to close the door when you take the vent off.

Now that you have all of those items fill one of the mugs with water from a sink and then put the sleeping pills in it that can be found in the medicine cabinet. Give it to your wife so she goes to pass out in the bed. Be sure to be talking to her, or she might go unconscious in the living room. The easiest way to guarantee she goes to bed is to eat the dessert with her.

Now that she is out for the rest of this loop, walk into the bedroom and flip the light switch on and off one time if it hasn’t already been turned on. Go into the closet and close the door so you fast forward to when the cop arrives.

When the cop walks into your apartment, wait for him to enter the bedroom and see your unconscious wife. He will try to turn on the light and be zapped and knocked unconscious himself. Quickly walk to him and inspect his body. He has a lot of items, but be sure to only grab one handcuff from him. Leave everything else. Use the handcuffs you grabbed on him to restrain him.

After a little bit, the cop will wake up and start threatening you. Interact with him and choose “Say you are innocent.” Your character will plead with the cop to do whatever he wants to your wife but leave you alone. He will agree and stand up and use his knife to break the handcuffs on him. Do not move while he does this.

He will walk to you and ask about the watch. Choose “I know where it is,” and you will hand him the watch. He will tell you to sit on the couch for a little bit. Walk out there and sit. Don’t do anything else.

When he comes out, he will tell you he needs a phone. Choose “Give him your phone,” and he will call 911 and have you act like your wife committed suicide. As you talk with the 911 operator, choose “Tell them your wife committed suicide.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

The cop will tell you how you screwed up and ruined your life and leave. Walk into the bedroom to find your wife’s body. The loop will end, and you will get the Coward achievement.