How to get The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops

Boost your prospector in your downtime.


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Twitch drops are a great way to get items for your favorite games without putting in a great deal of effort to earn them. The Cycle: Frontier has a plethora of goodies for you to pick up and run with on your prospector, but you’ll need to do more than click a few buttons and link your account. This guide explains how to get The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops, when to look out for them, and what they will do for you.

How do The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops work?

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There will be days when anyone streaming in The Cycle: Frontier category on Twitch will be able to have Twitch drops enabled. However, on other days, only partnered streamers and affiliates will be able to have Twitch drops enabled, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for which streamers you’re able to get drops from by keeping an eye on their social media.

Each day that Twitch drops are enabled, you can earn up to 6 drops per day across 18 hours. You need to be watching streamers with Twitch drops enabled to get those drops. The later in the day the drop arrives, the better the reward can be. However, the best way to get a legendary is to try to get every drop throughout a season. Everyone can claim a maximum of 66 drops, putting you in a powerful position the next time you drop onto Fortuna III.

On the days that Twitch drops are enabled, the start and end time for earning rewards is 6 AM ET. The dates will vary. For example, if a Twitch drop period runs from June 20 to 21, the start time is 6 AM ET on June 20 and the end time is 6 AM ET on June 21.

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The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drop schedule

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This list highlights every period in which Twitch drops are enabled for The Cycle: Frontier and who can stream while offering the rewards during those periods.

  • June 23 to 25: Open day period in which anyone can stream with Twitch drops enabled.
  • June 25 to 28: Partners only days when only partners can enable Twitch drops on a rotating pattern. This pattern will be revealed closer to the time.
  • June 28 to 29: Affiliate only days when only affiliates can enable Twitch drops. These streamers are smaller upcoming creators dedicated to The Cycle: Frontier.
  • June 29 to July 2: Partners only days when only favored partners from the game’s betas will be able to enable Twitch drops.
  • July 2 to 4: Open days when anyone can enable Twitch drops for the final time in the current schedule.

When do The Cycle: Frontier Twitch drops start?

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Developer Yager has confirmed that Twitch drops for The Cycle: Frontier don’t start until season 1 is live. The release date for season 1 is June 22, so you’ll need to wait until then before you can get Twitch drops for the game’s first season. From this season onwards, Twitch drops will likely begin from the start date of every subsequent season.