How to get the Dark Magician Girl card in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

The fan-favorite Dark Magician Girl can be found in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

Screenshot via Official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube

The Dark Magician Girl is a memorable card from Yu-Gi-Oh Master! Duel that players will probably remember from watching the anime. The main protagonist of the first series Yugi often used her during battles, and you can too. Unfortunately, it will be more difficult than other cards to get her.

Just like the Egyptian Gods, the Dark Magician Girl is accessible through the Master Pack section of the shop at this time of writing. Thankfully, she is only a six-star, so she has a Super Rare rating rather than the almighty Ultra Rare. There are currently 6,750 cards in the selection though, so it may be difficult getting her this way. She also appears within the currently locked Darkest Magics pack, so keep an eye out whenever this appears in the shop.

There is another way, however. You can craft her. Go to the “Deck” section of the game and then press the left stick to see all the available cards. Then, search for the Dark Magician Girl by pressing triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. When she pops up, you’ll see she is shadowed in black. This means you don’t have it yet in your collection. Next, press L2 or LT to get to her description. From this screen, you’ll see that she needs 30 SR points to be generated.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These SR points can be gained from finishing ranked battles online, dismantling cards, and finishing single-player missions. Once you’ve gathered enough, go back to this card screen within the Deck mode and generate her into your deck.