How to Get the Discoverer’s Delight EXP Buff in Season of Discovery

Get the most out of your experience gains in the early stages of Season of Discovery.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is about to enter its second phase, bringing new content and an increased level cap, which means players can play their way up to level 40 in this next phase of WoW Classic’s seasonal servers.

WoW Classic can be a commitment, with longer leveling times and a slower pace than its Retail counterpart. This might make the idea of leveling up a character in this version a bit intimidating. Luckily, the developers have added a helpful buff to get players through the early content quicker, and this guide will detail what the Discoverer’s Delight is and how to activate it.

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How to Toggle the Discoverer’s Delight EXP Buff

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The Discoverer’s Delight buff will automatically be turned on and active when you log into WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. You won’t need to do anything to get it working; it’s already done for you! You can see this buff active in the top right corner by the WoW Token logo.

It’s worth noting that this buff will only be applied to characters levels 1 to 25, which correlates to the first phase level bracket for Season of Discovery. After level 25, the buff will automatically disappear.

However, you may wish to turn off this buff, or it may turn off itself due to a bug in the future, but thankfully, it’s straightforward to get it working again. All you need to do is talk to any innkeeper, and you should see an option to enable Discoverer’s Delight. Select this option, and the buff will turn on. To turn it off, talk to an innkeeper and select the disable option.

What Does the Discoverer’s Delight Exp Buff Do?

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The Discoverer’s Delight buff is an EXP buff applied to every Season of Discovery character between levels 1 and 25 and gives characters a 50% increase to experience gains, with the buff turning off once you hit level 25.

The buff is aimed at helping players catch up and reach the phase 2 content faster if they join Season of Discovery later than other players. It also can help level up alts and other characters for those choosing to play multiple classes.

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As a bonus and way to gain significant EXP, Blackfathom Deeps, the dungeon turned 10-player raid for Season of Discovery, will also award more EXP upon completion, making it a worthwhile piece of content even after we move into the next phase of Season of Discovery.