How to get the Doc Holidegg egg in Roblox Egg Hunt 2020

The Temple of the Egg awaits.

The Roblox Egg Hunt of 2020 is live, and there are 50 different eggs you can obtain in the game. These eggs are hidden through multiple games where you need to complete various challenges to receive them, meaning you need to use an array of skills and keep an eagle eye to figure out what you need to do. For those looking to complete the Doc Holidegg egg, you need to jump into The Wild West game. 

The first thing you need to do is locate the Temple of the Egg. You can do this by spawning at Callahan Manor to obtain a horse to navigate the map. It costs $100, which everyone should have when they first jump into the game. Spawn at Callahan Manor and look for the horse stables across the way. Run over, speak to the NPC inside to purchase the horse. After you buy it, go outside and press the “H” key to summon your mount.

With your mount, you want to go to the northwest of Raider Canyons towards Pinewood Hills. Your goal is to make it to the top of the snowy mountains. You can view this location by hitting the “M” key to open up your map. You want to go to the center of the Raider Canyons to the above area on the map.

There are several traps you need to bypass to make it to the egg at the end of the temple.

The first trap is to the right, and you need to jump across the correct path to make it to the other side. Even if you do get hit by one of the arrows, it only takes away a small amount of your health, and it doesn’t start you over. As long as you only get hit by it once, you should be able to make it across in two quick jumps by going up the middle.

The Division Hunter Faction

The second trap requires you to run across a path while large pillars attempt to push you off. The best time to make it across is when the first pillar has fully pulled back, and the second is starting to pull away. When it does, run across, and you should be able to make it to the end. You want to wait for each of the pillars to push forward, except for the last two. If you timed the first two and waited for them, the final two are pretty close to each other, so rush them.

The third trap features several giant pendulums swinging in front of you with large blades. You need to make it across these small gaps and make it to the other side. You won’t have too much space to try and across from the second and third traps, so make sure to make it to the first platform quickly, and then you assess the timing of the pendulums so you can make it across. The final jump across is done by sprinting. You need to time the two pendulums, with the second one if the back being on the left side, and the one closest to you swinging to the left. This is the ideal time to run.

If you do fall into the water, you can swim across to the other side and start over from the beginning. You’ll need to do all of the traps from the start. The egg is at the top of the temple.