How to get the evacuation keycard in Dubai in Hitman 3

The sky’s the limit.

When an alarm goes off, everyone rushes to find the nearest exit. They don’t stick around to find out if the emergency was a drill or not. In Hitman 3, you’ll have the chance to have the two targets on the Dubai map run for the nearest exit when you trip off the evacuation alarm. But to do this, you need to find the evacuation keycard. It’s in a specific place, and it’s protected by a safe that requires a four-digit code.

Where to find the evacuation keycard and the safe code

The safe protecting the keycard is on level 3 of the Dubai map. When you’re on this level, only select individuals are allowed to walk around freely. We recommend you grab a penthouse guard disguise or a maintenance worker. Of the two, the penthouse guard will be better as you can freely move inside security rooms and make your way to level 4 of the map without being stopped.

When you arrive at level 3, make your way to the security room at the center of the map. You want to trigger a particular conversation where a guard talks on the phone with someone else, explaining that there will be an evacuation drill tomorrow and the keycard to start it inside the safe in that security room.

We’ve had a bit of trouble attempting to get this conversation to trigger, so if you have trouble with it, the passcode to the safe is 6-9-2-7. This will remain the password for the safe, even if you do not trigger the conversation. Approach the safe in the middle of the security room when you are not being watched, input the code, and you can now grab the evacuation keycard.

How to use the evacuation keycard

To uses the evacuation keycard to set off the alarm, you need to go to level 4 of the building and proceed to the penthouse. In the hallway next to the study, there’s a keycard reader you can swipe. This is the first keycard to activate the alarm. The next one is upstairs. You have to swipe these keycard readers extremely close together, so once you swipe the one on the bottom floor, run upstairs to the next one.

We recommend using your instinct to peer through the walls. You’ll be able to see that a small white line connects the keycard readers. Follow it to the second keycard reader. If you swiped them both close enough together, the evacuation alarm would go off.

Trigging this alarm sets the remaining targets on the map into high alert, and they will attempt to escape. You can use this to complete several challenges or even earn the achievement of Treacherous Architecture.